Nancy Katz LLC

-AD/HD Academic Coaching

-Animal-Assisted Educational and Therapeutic Program for Children and Adolescents

Parent Testimonials:

"Thank you so much for helping me to get organized and stay on track. I am leaving this school year with some great new skills and it will help me a lot next year. I'm glad you taught me to remember to write in my agenda book. That helps me a lot now. You taught me things I needed to do in a funny way and that helped me remember. Thanks again!”

Nancy was great with my son. She was able to communicate with him at his level and he told her a lot about what went on in school that he wasn't talking to me about.”

{What I've liked most about the coaching experience for my daughter is} "that I don't have to be the one she answers to. I leave it to Nancy to make sure that (she) is on task and I just ask her general questions about school.”

"Such an accepting group -- all energetic, love animals.  You do such a good job with all of these kids.  It is the first thing in a long time that he has wanted to attend EVERY week! "

“The coaching experience far exceeded my expectations. I liked the fact that you were in touch with her teachers and shared their comments with...(my daughter) and me. She started with you with C's & D's and is now getting A's & B's with an occasional C.”

{My daughter}"was diagnosed with Asperger's and anxiety…and has had some social challenges with her peers. Club YAAP gave her a social outlet where she was happy, comfortable and around kids like her that loved animals. The club gave her a safe haven to grow, learn, meet friends while still being herself."

“Children and adolescents receive assistance in developing several important skills, including peer cooperation, written and oral expression, empathy...Pride of ownership and managing separation from the dogs is handled with exquisite sensitivity...the entire experience is a win-win for the children, the dogs and the future dog owners.”

"I saw the best in my child when he was talking to, holding, or petting an animal.  It's when you know "all is right with the world".  Your experience working with all kinds of kids is so obvious and your excitement about what you do and love is so apparent to the children!"

“Nancy respects her, is not judgmental and "gets" her."