Nancy Katz LLC

-AD/HD Academic Coaching

-Animal-Assisted Educational and Therapeutic Program for Children and Adolescents

Through guided, hands-on, rescue animal interaction and group activities, participants learn a variety of coping skills & strategies that help address:

  *Social Anxiety  *Lack of Empathy  *Low Confidence  

*Problem Solving  *Trust  *Impulsivity  *Frustration Tolerance

*Inability to Focus  *Setting Boundaries

*Appropriate Communication  *Acceptence and Compassion  

Young Advocates for Animals Program

After-school program where kids ages 10-14  learn how they can make a difference for animals in our community and earn service-learning hours at the same time!

The Shiloh Project/Juvenile Offender Program

 In highly supervised settings, The Shiloh Project brings recently rescued dogs into juvenile residential facilities

and alternative school programs, where troubled students can experience empathy and compassion and develop respectful and responsible  attitudes

 toward animals and others.