Nancy Katz LLC

-AD/HD Academic Coaching

-Animal-Assisted Educational and Therapeutic Program for Children and Adolescents

Academic coaching for middle and high school students struggling with...

*AD/HD     *Organization     *Time Management

*Test Taking & Study Skills     *Long Term Project Planning

*Executive Function Skills     *Motivation

*Frustration Tolerance     *Confidence     *Self Advocacy

How It Works:

  After contacting me and receiving the information/application packet, an initial consultation meeting is scheduled, requiring attendance of both student and parent(s). At this meeting, I cover general guidelines and expectations of the coaching experience, along with answering any questions and/or concerns regarding the informational material provided. Payment for the initial consultation is due at this meeting.

  The next step: The student and I schedule the weekly coaching sessions, all of which occur at my home-office in Fairfax.

  All coaching sessions are approximately 40-55 min. in length. Session time will include:

          • Reviewing student's previous week's assignments

          • Assessing progress of quarter goals and adjust as needed

          • Going over test/quiz results

          • Scheduling, planning and writing down upcoming assignments, projects and tests in student's planner/agenda

          •Sorting, organizing and reviewing student binders and folders each week


  As the coaching process is not a ‘quick fix,’ students and parent(s) are expected to work with me for a minimum of three months or one school quarter. On average, most students choose to work with me for the entire school year.  I meet with each student individually on a weekly basis. Students are required to be in contact with me in between sessions via email or text. Communication throughout the coaching process is VITAL!